I have /dev/cciss/c0d0..4 devices. These addresses represents RAID controller with multiple disks behind it. Such as:
/dev/cciss/c0d1 has 5 physical disks connected through SCSI.
How can I use smart tools to diagnose problems in these devices? If I run smartd with just /dev/cciss/c0d1 in the conf file, I get the following error:
[root@cpiq log]# smartd -q onecheck
smartd version 5.33 [i686-pc-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-4 Bruce Allen
Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/
Opened configuration file /etc/smartd.conf
Drive: /dev/cciss/c0d1, implied '-a' Directive on line 34 of file /etc/smartd.conf
Configuration file /etc/smartd.conf parsed.
Device: /dev/cciss/c0d1, opened
Device: /dev/cciss/c0d1, failed on INQUIRY; skip device
Unable to register SCSI device /dev/cciss/c0d1 at line 34 of file /etc/smartd.conf
Unable to register device /dev/cciss/c0d1 (no Directive -d removable). Exiting.
Please advise and I appreciate your help in this regard.