I have installed smartmontools on windows 7 ultimate 64bit yesterday. Very useful, but I guess there's a bug:

I have many disks attached. Besides others, there are three SATA disks (F:, G: and H:), one (F:) connected to main board, and two connected to an AUSS U3S6 controller. All of them are no system disks.
Drive F was installed in january 2013, drive G is about 3 months old, and drive H: was installed today, just some hours ago. (This is important, so we have a criteria to distinguish them even in smart selftest log lists, as you can see later on.)

smartctl -i <driveX>:\ works fine on all three drives. All of them are different types, and each type gets displayed properly, as expected.

But smartctl -l selftest <driveX>:\ only gives back log information from drive F: and drive H:, drive G: is not available - better to say: requesting information on drive G: always seems to show the log from drive H:!!! Remark: both of them are attached to the ASUS U3S6 controller.

I proved:
-- smartctl -A <drive> reports 855 power-on-hours for G: and 5 for H: - both values are correct.
-- smartctl -l selftest <drive> always reports selftest logs from drive H:, even when called with drive G: Both logs are identic 1 by 1, regardless of G: or H: is addressed.
-- Starting a short selftest on H: and executing smartctl -l selftest <drive> will result in displaying a running selftest on both (!) drives, H: and G:, both completed with same percent value.
-- Starting a short selftest on G: and executing smartctl -l selftest <drive> will result in displaying no running selftest, neither on H: nor on G:
-- Any change in log of H: seems to be "mirrored" 1 by 1 in log from G:, if you would trust smartctl -l
-- Drive F: seems to be handled correctly any time, no weird displays seen so far

I guess, smartctl has some difficulties in addressing the correct disk on some, but not on all operations - at least identifying the drives works correctly.
I'm not sure, but drive H: is a replacement of another disk, that took place today. Before I changed the disks, I also used smartctl for some tests, and I'm not sure if drive G: was also "invisible" with the *old* disk installed.

Please, feel free to request some more detailled information if it can help to debug. I'm willing to assist in debugging, but I refuse reading mailing lists and stuff, so please get in direct contact with me, if required.

As I can see from your copyright, the name "Christian Franke" reads very german - as I'm german, too, please let me know if I can avoid writing all this in english.

And as I'm developing software since nearly 35 years on my own, try adapt your level of requests to this, please - I'm no newbie.

With regards

Christoph Gensler

Christoph Gensler IT-Support