smartmontools support,
Regarding my last email, I want to make it clear that I (of course) plan to abide by the GPL licensing requirements and full intend to simply “use” your source as is, only making changes to allow me to build a shared library my fault management can call into.
From: Eric Macdonald
Sent: March-28-11 11:04 AM
To: ''
Cc: Chris Friesen
Subject: smartmontools library
smartmontools support,
I really like your implementation of smartctl and want to use it in one of our products.
We use openhpi and plan to write a disk fault handling openhpi plugin using your source as the target driver layer.
I find myself trying to convert your source to a shared library and wonder if you have done that already, if there are plans on the horizon for that activity or if others have expressed similar interest as well.
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