@Gabrielle: Thanks for that MarkMail.org hint!

@Admins: Please feature this link on the mailinglist info pages, as an alternative mailinglist archive with far better search capabilities! This will encourage responsible users to properly search before posting, and hence is in everyone's interest (for a better efficiency). Thanks!

On 21.02.2011 at 23:49 Gabriele Pohl wrote:

yes, unfortunately you are right :-(

You may want to use Mark Mail instead:

We have Links to alternative Mailarchives here:

Hope that helps and cheers!


On 02/16/2011 04:41 PM, Stefan Nowak wrote:

Sourceforge's mailinglist search engine is VERY bad!!! You cannot "search for exact phrases" nor restrict to the search to the summary, or some other useful filters.
Outsourcing this search to Google failed, as SF's domain/URL patterns make it hard to restrict a search to a certain SF mailinglist, as the group_id=XXX only appears in mailinglist portal entry pages, but single messages carry "msg_id=XXXX" system wide, which means for all projects!