Hi all,


I need to display some S.M.A.R.T information in my application if a disk read/write error occurs.

I just went through the smartctl attributes and found that raw read error rate and write error

rate  looks fine.


But when I run smartctl –a in my harddisk, write error rate attribute is found to be

missing. I just tested this with different harddisks. The number of attributes display varies for

each hard disks.


Also I tried running –v 200,writeerrorcount option. Yet I didn’t find the write error rate



I have the following queries:

1.Could you please tell me the reason for the difference in attributes number in different

Hard disks?

2.What details can be interpreted from

Raw read error rate?

3. How write error rate can be obtained?

4. How can I make these attribute information to a human readable format?


5. Also please suggest me any other error information related to read/write can be displayed in my GUI?


Any help is truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Honey S


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