Good morning, I'm trying to ignore an attribute that is triggering errors in a sata disc (precisely a Transcend TS8GHSD310 that issues an error for attribute 167)

On the smartd.conf manual I can read
       -i ID  [ATA only] Ignore device  Attribute  number  ID  when  checking  for  failure  of  Usage
              Attributes.   ID  must  be a decimal integer in the range from 1 to 255.  This Directive
              modifies the behavior of the ´-f´ Directive and has no effect without it.

              This is useful, for example, if you have a very old disk and don´t want to keep  getting
              messages  about  the  hours-on-lifetime  Attribute  (usually Attribute 9) failing.  This
              Directive may appear multiple times for a single device, if you want to ignore  multiple

But according to the init script -i seems to be used for interval checking
    if test -n "$SMARTD_CHECK_INTERVAL" -a "$SMARTD_CHECK_INTERVAL" != 1800 ; then
       smartd_opts=" -i $SMARTD_CHECK_INTERVAL"

I am using smartd 5.41+svn3365-1 from debian squeeze, but the same manual is active for 6.2+svn3841-1.2 (on debian testing)
So my question is, what is the proper way to avoid triggering error for a faulty attribute?