I have fakeraid set up on a machine that has two Western Digital hard drives. I’m able to run smartctl –a on an actual physical disk that is part of the RAID setup (i.e I can run smartctl –a /dev/sdb). I noticed smartmontools wiki document “Checking disks behind RAID controllers” and I’m now slightly confused and need to clarify some things:


  1. Does the document that I mentioned earlier include both hardware RAID controllers and fakeraid controllers?
  2. Should I still be able to access smart attributes through fakeraid or was the result that I obtained not reliable? I ask this because the result of the command that I mentioned earlier was that the “overall-health self-assessment test” result was a pass, but I notice that in several of the smart attributes, the threshold values were set to zero, even though there were actual values for “worst” and “value”.


Thanks for the clarification,