So I bought 3 new Seagate drives recently and installed them on CentOS 5.2.  The drive specs are here  (I have the 1TB model)

I have tried running the short test but it seems as though smartctl keeps looping through the test for an hour or so and never completes.  If you run a smartctl -d ata -l selftest /dev/sd{a, b and c} you can see the test make progress all the way down to 10% remaining but then it jumps right back up to 90% again and starts over.  I've had to -X every test after waiting and waiting for as much as an hour.

The commands I've used are as follows:

smartctl -d ata -s on -o on -S on /dev/sd{a, b and c}
smartctl -d ata -t short /dev/sd{a, b and c}

I have also tried the -T permissive and -T verypermissive flags with no change in the results.

When I do a smatctl -d ata -a /dev/sd{a, b and c} to show drive information, the drive is not in the database.  I have tried to update to the latest smartmontools but RPMForge yum repository only goes up to version 5.36.  I had 3 other samsung drives in this same machine and they were able to run these tests fine using the -F samsung2 flag.  So I know it's not my onboard sata controller(, I think it's just these drives...they seem very new.

So what could be my problem? 

Do I have to use version 5.38 and install this manually (don't use yum)?
Are there parameters I need to add with the -P flag?
Does the drive I'm testing have to be idle to complete a test? Like not mounted?

I don't get it...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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