I have 4 seagate ST32000542AS drives connected to my SuperMicro SASLP-MV8 controller configured in a Window 2008R2 Raid 5 volume.  I've been having issues with the drives "unplugging" and have read that this is common for these drives because ERC is disabled.  I installed the latest windows binaries of smartmontools and can find my drives, but when I issue the setctl -l scterc /dev/sde command I get the following error:
"Error Write SCT Error Recovery Control Command failed: Function not implemented
Warning: device does not support SCT (Get) Error Recovery Control command"
So after many hours of frustration I think I've finally solved my problems. I moved my 4 2TB Seagate LP drives off my SASLP-VM8 controller card and connected them directly to my motherboard's sata ports. In this configuration I was able to successfully use the smartmontools to set the ERC to 7 seconds.  I'm wondering if smartmontools currently doesn't have the capability to issue ACT commands to this controller card, or if there is a hardware/firmware limitation of the card that caused the ACT commands error out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to add additional drives to my server using the controller card.