Hi all

I have installed smartmontools-5.32-1 on around 300 redhat 9 drives but was  getting inundated with 

Device: /dev/hda, xx Currently unreadable (pending) sectors

Device: /dev/hda, xx Offline uncorrectable sectors

emails all day and night on my original config file.

I have setup the smartd.conf to only have 2 lines now

/dev/hda -H -m email@myemailadress.com.au
/dev/hdc -H -m email@myemailadress.com.au

But I still get these emails from a dozen computers every few hours.

I have done a restart of smartd since changing the conf.
All the computer have the same conf file, copied from a central server.

Am I doing anything wrong, and should I be worried about the uncorrectable & unreadable sectors

Scott Cummins 

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