When I run smartmontools, I see that under "SMART support is:" it says:

Available - device has SMART capability.
Enabled status cached by OS, trying SMART RETURN STATUS cmd.

What does the last line mean? Is the ON/OFF status saved by the OS? When I turn SMART Off using smartmontools and reboot the SMART is back on. I was trying to figure out why and how to fix this? Does this 2nd line explain it why? And what is this "trying SMART RETURN STATUS cmd" mean?

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Subject: [smartmontools-support] SMART settings are NOT preserved over power-cycling. Help needed.

I installed the smartmontools, turned off SMART and after rebooting, SMART is back ON (even though it was set to OFF). I have Windows 2000. Is the ON setting cached by the OS and that is why it does this? How can I prevent this?

I understand that SMART settings are preserved over power-cycling. If not, I see that it might be necessary that the command '-s off' be placed in a start-up script in rc.local or rc.sysinit. Before I would work on this script, is there anything else that I could try to fix this automatic revert to ON? If not, can anybody help me with this start-up script. I never done this. Thanks.