Hello, I am a development manager at Nortel (http://www.nortel.com/).  My group does embedded software development, running on top of VxWorks (a product of WindRiver http://www.windriver.com/).  Our code is ultimately built into a number of products based on Nortel's Multiservice Switch portfolio (http://products.nortel.com/go/product_content.jsp?parId=0&segId=0&catId=-9785&prod_id=29500&locale=en-US). 

We would like to be able to include Smartmon capabilities for analysis of the state of the disks in the product.  While we are willing and hoping to act in the spirit of open source, we have some concerns with the use of the GPL in our product, and would rather use the Smartmon under a different licensing model.  Would you be  willing to offer the source code under another licensing scheme, for example, the Apache licensing model (http://www.apache.org/licenses)?  This has been reviewed extensively by our "corporate" and they are comfortable with the obligations, rights and risks associated with it.

We would appreciate your feedback on the best way to move forward with this.  Thanks very much.

Daniel Zlatin
Manager, RNC Base Development