1. One of my HD has strange "Raw Read Error Rate" CURRENT Value.
Several days ago it was 65.
Few days ago the value dropped into 63, after few hours the value dropped again to 63, few hours later after that the value increased again to 63. (this is on same day).
Two days ago, the value dropped again into 62. It stays like that before I turned off my computer. After few hours, I turned on my computer again, the value now dropped into 60.
Yesterday,the value dropped into 59.After few hours,the value increased into 60 again.
Now the "Raw Read Error Rate" CURRENT Value is still 60.

Could this indicate a problem on the HD or could another Hardware caused it?

2a.One of my other HD also usually always has lower CURRENT Value "Raw Read Error Rate" every startup but when I'm used a program to see SMART Value,the value increased again. This doesn't happen in my other HD,though.
Could this indicate a problem in that HD?

b.Does it normal to have CURRENT Value "Hardware ECC Recovered" sometimes decreases when my computer is running?

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