At 10:32 PM 6/17/2003 -0500, Bruce Allen wrote:
I wouldn't take the 55C upper limit seriously.  You should try and keep
the drive below 30C if you want it to be long-lived and reliable.  A fan
that blows air directly over the disk drive is the best thing.

I only wish it were possible to get it that low.  As I mentioned, even when I blew large amounts of air past it's top surface with a floor standing box fan, I could not get it that low.

Really interesting. You can see that PowerMAX is stepping through the
different sectors on the disk in steps of 256 sectors.  The it fails, each
time, at the "bad" sector.

Actually, I can't.  But as long as you learned something....   :)

[A question: did this corrupt data on the drive?  Or is the drive's data
still intact?'

The backup verified against the disk after the fix, but I didn't back up every single file (take too long).