At 03:31 PM 6/17/2003 -0500, Bruce Allen wrote:
You need to get an 80mm case fan (one of the kind that plugs into a spare
power connector in your system) and find a way to set it up to blow air
directly by the disk.

I added some (more, bay) fans and opened a grill directly behind the disk in my tower case so air is drawn directly across the drive and out.

This is the same LBA where the device self-test is failing. So I stand my
ground -- tell Maxtor to replace the disk.

After backing up, I ran the PowerMAX utility they told me to, and when it gave me the option to "repair", I activated it.

The disk seems to be happy now, the self tests now pass without problems.

At this point, I put it back together and will wait to see what happens.

(The other, old Fireball drive, could not be repaired and so will have to be replaced (no warranty).)