Thank for responding.  I still don't understand the overall "picture".  I've embedded some questions/comments below.

At 05:18 AM 6/17/2003 -0500, Bruce Allen wrote:
Hi Chris,

> Can anyone explain these results?

Short version: your drive is going bad.  Back up your data and get the
drive replaced.

I'm confused as to why don't the internal diagnostics don't think so.

> Off-line data collection status: (0x02) Offline data collection activity
>                                          completed without error.

use -o on to enable automatic offline data collection (be sure to use a
recent version, there was a bug in the code for older versions).

is the 5.1-4 version I'm using OK?

>    5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   100   100   020    Pre-fail     -       2

Note the two reallocated sectors.  Typically these maxtor drives can
reallocate up to a few hundred sectors.  But at least two sectors on the
disk are bad and were eliminated from the "usable sectors" list.

Why does it keep giving a read error on sector 0x0007d6e6?  Why doesn't it relocate it if it has free sectors to do so?

> 194 Temperature_Celsius     0x0022   082   079   042    Old_age      -       47

Wow -- this is VERY high.  I suggest you try and get some fan to blow air
on this disk.  It's awfully hot...

It's "running idle" temp is around 42 degress C, so this is a minor increase while it's doing something.  Even with the case off and a fan blowing directly on it, 42 is about as low as I can go.  I have a physical temp monitor that verifies this measurement as real.

But the drive can see this from it's sensor and I'd assume if it was a problem it'd be reflected in the Temp value/worse/threshold series, no?

> # 1  Extended off-line   Completed: read failure       90%      3068         0x0007d6e6
> # 2  Short off-line      Completed: read failure       50%      2901         0x0007d6e6
> # 3  Short off-line      Completed: read failure       50%      2735         0x0007d6e6
> # 4  Extended off-line   Completed: read failure       90%      2568         0x0007d6e6

The disk is having real problems.  If it were mine, I would replace it
without much delay.  The fact that it is failing the self-tests in the
same place, and has been failing them for a couple of months, should not
give you a false sense of reassurance.

So why isn't the drive reallocating these bad sectors?  Why is it always at the same address?  I assume it's not reallocating them because there are 13 failures but the reallocation attribute only shows 2 reallocations.  Why do all the read attributes show raw values of zero even though the tests keep failing on read errors?

Bottom line: you need a new disk.  It looks like it's less than a year old
(much less than 8000 hours usage) so Maxtor's warranty should cover it.

I'll probably need to provide them some sort of proof, no?  Guess I'll need to find and try their diagnostics and see what those say.