Thanks for your response. I think you could be right. Although D-Link are still selling the DNS-323 there haven't been much in the way of firmware upgrades or kernel updates. Some people including myself are using third party modifications to telnet to the box and run tools such as smartctl because the features don't exist natively.
I don't think I would be able to upgrade the kernel, I wouldn't know where to start too.

I use a "usb-storage.ko" module to access the file system of the drive in the JMicron enclosure successfully, am I supposed to be using a different module or driver for smartctl to see the drive properly?

Thanks again


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Subject: Re: [smartmontools-support] Unable to use smartctl over USB/Jmicron to SATA interface (Linux)
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Linux NAS #32 Wed Jun 24 15:19:48 CST 2009 armv5tejl unknown
That seems like a very old kernel.
We're at 2.6.36 with an average of 3 months per release. So that's 24 releases back -> 6 years?  (indeed almost right, 2.6.12 was released june 2005).

I don't actually know, but I would be entirely unsurprised to learn that a kernel that old doesn't support (or incorrectly supports) tunneling raw scsi commands (ie. smart commands) to the destination device (ie doing raw scsi over usb).

Please note that I'm totally guessing here...

Would upgrading the NAS to a newer kernel version be _very_ hard??? [guessing so...]
What type of NAS device is this?  Does the manufacturer have a newer firmware image available?


[of course the problem could also be that it's arm, and not x86_64, but...]