I have some questions about SMART Value: I'm using Seagate as my HDs.

1.Could another Hardware like another Hard Drives,motherboard, the cables, etc affect SMART Value?

2.The "Raw Read Error Rate" attribute CURRENT Value -> not the RAW Value on one of my HD is always lower before than previous shutdown. (explanation: now it could be 107/109/110/112 before it was 115). Is this normal? What could caused it?

Continuation from number 2,
a.I know that the CURRENT Value is lower from HDTune and Speedfan SMART Test(these 2 programs always show the CURRENT Value now lower like 107 -> no matter how many time I test it), then I used another program HDDScan to do SMART Test again (it shows The CURRENT Value is now 115). After that, I used HDTune and Speedfan again (they now shows the CURRENT Value is 115).
What could caused it?

b.Does it normal to have lower CURRENT Value of "Raw Read Error Rate" when doing R/W Operation?

c.My another HD has "weird" CURRENT Value of "Raw Read Error Rate".
It was 63 4-5 days ago, then about 2 days ago the Value decreased to 62, few hours after that the Value increased again to 63, yesterday it decreased again to 62. Today it still 62. Is this normal?

3.Does the "Raw Read Error Rate" and "Hardware ECC Recovered" has same CURRENT Value?

Continuation of number 3,
a.Sometimes when I'm opening a folder or file, the CURRENT Value of "Hardware ECC Recovered" decreases (Explanation: The CURRENT Value of "Raw Read Error Rate" and "Hardware ECC Recovered" was same before like it was 115 before now the CURRENT Value of "Hardware ECC Recovered" decreases into  lower Value like 94/83/79 -> the longer I open that folder/file it decreases even further like from 79 to 78 then to 75.
Is this normal? What could caused it? This doesn't happen in my other HD.

b.The "Hardware ECC Recovered" CURRENT Value on my HD sometimes decreases even though I'm not accessing that HD. Is this normal? What caused it?

4a. I have 186 Bad Blocks in my other HD from SMART Value, however when I'm doing a Scan it only found 173 Bad Blocks. Why it happened?
b.Most Bad Blocks in the Free Space of the disk. What should I do and what could caused it?

Sorry, I asked about another programs in question number 2  but I really want to know these Value could indicate a problem or not?

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