I use smartmontools 5.38.1 (lenny-backports) with Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.5 Lenny.

I have a problem with the new smartd feature for scheduled selective self-tests. When I configure the system how it’s written on the manpage everything is working fine. I configured it like this:


If Long Self-Tests of a large disks take longer than the system uptime, a full disk test can be performed by several Selective Self-Tests. To setup a full test of a 1TB disk within 20 days (one 50GB span each day), run this command once:

  smartctl -t select,0-99999999 /dev/sda

To run the next test spans on Monday-Friday between 12-13am, run smartd with this directive:

 -s n/../../[1-5]/12


And now comes the “but” ;-)

When I shutdown the computer (shutdown now –h) and restart it the span values are not longer there. MIN_LBA and MAX_LBA are zero (0). When I reboot the computer (shutdown now –r) the before selected span values are still there.


So, knows somebody a solution how I can save the span values when I shutdown the system?


Best regards