On 26/07/2009, at 3:40 PM, Trevor Hart wrote:

Hi all,

I'm running smartmontools 5.38 on Mac OS 10.5.5.
I'm able to kick off self tests and view their results, but for some reason the drive will revert back to:

SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.
SMART support is: Disabled

after a matter of time.

The drive in question is:

Device Model:     FUJITSU MHZ2320BH FFS G1
Serial Number:    K67BT9226SAW
Firmware Version: 00810091

I've submitted it to the database list already, but I'm really stumped why the drive will not stay enabled. I'm not powering off the machine or letting it go to sleep; it will revert to disabled in a matter of minutes.

Just curious if there's another way to diagnose this issue or if I should reach out to Fujitsu support.

Do you have any other software installed that might be disabling SMART on the drive periodically?

You might also try turning off "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible" in the energy saver control panel, just to see if that makes a difference.  Perhaps the drive isn't properly saving the SMART state when it goes to sleep.