(newbie too S.M.A.R.T. - not on this list (yet))
I was surprised to see that SMART is very low-level, i.e. giving out a set
of (mostly vendor-specific) attributes and their thresholds.
For the harddisk end-user with the responsibility of ensuring high-availability
of storage systems, I would really expect a much simpler tools that (based
on the analysis of SMART) advices the end-user on harddisk replacement.
Does anyone know about any wrappers for smartmontools that do
an analysis and output a warning when drive replacement is adviced?
(I would expect such a tool too say when to replace a drive and why it thinks
so). I have read some scientific papers that refer to methods on making
a 'smart' decision on that. I don't have the bookmarks on this machine,
please CC: to leon.woestenberg@gmx.net, I'm not a subscriber yet.