I am working on a project whcih include monitoring of disks for the status of temperature and disk error.
I tried the smartctl and it responds about the disks' health as OK (sounds good!!) with temperature information as "Disabled or not supported".
However, I am looking for the current temperature and error rate.
I had discussion with a group of unix- adminstrators and was suggested that if the machines are loaded with the vendor-specific version of smartctl, that will do. 
Here is the list of the controllers:
1. MegaRAID Model: LD 0 RAID1  238G Rev: N661
2. MegaRAID Model: LD 1 RAID1  194G Rev: N661 
3. MegaRAID Model: LD 2 RAID0  156G Rev: N661
4. LSILOGIC Model: 1030 IM       IM Rev: 1000
5. IBM      Model: 25P3495a S320  1 Rev: 1
6. WSI      Model: SC-3400          Rev: 334A
Please, help me with the version of smartctl, whcih can allow me to monitor temperature and disk error of the disk systems.