I checked with tech support that makes the 3ware controllers.  The 9000 series is for SATA drives only.  They don't have anything for PATA drives that support access to the SMART data, according to the guy who took the call.
On the other hand, I didn't get a very confident feeling talking to this tech support guy.  He claimed the problem in accessing the SMART data was that it was stored in hexadecimal format, and the problem was in converting it to user-friendly format.  Unbelievable.  Where do they get these people?
Thanks for your help with this very frustrating problem.
-- Roy Zider
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Subject: Re: [smartmontools-support] Fw: Error, Self-test logs access problem through PCI adapter (Windows XP)


> ...
> The one SIIG card (SIIG UltraATA 100 PCI HDD controller, Model
> SC-PE4A12, PCB v3.0, Driver cmdide.sys 2.0.7 (XPclient.010817-1148))
> does support the retrieval of the error and self-test logs, but
> misreports the size of an attached 120GB drive, and in addition is
> limited to 128/137GB drives, and (as I recall) the BIOS is not
> flashable.  But it is the only card that does yield the error and
> self-test logs, and it is the only one I have that is not implemented
> as a SCSI miniport driver. (Implementation is PCI standard PCI-to-PCI
> bridge, CMD PCI-0649 Ultra DMA IDE Controller).

Unlike SMART_RCV_DRIVE_DATA, which is passed down to the miniport layer,
it is (AFAIK) not possible to implement ATA_PASS_THROUGH in a SCSI
miniport driver.

> I assume then from your reply (as the expert on the Windows
> implementation of smartmontools) that you know of no PCI card (other
> than the one I've identified here) that supports this call to get the
> error and self-test logs, is that right?


> Including any kind of RAID controller as well?

Yes - except 3ware 9000 series. The Windows driver supports SMART access
of individual drives since version 9.4.0 (Older drivers provided SMART
access to the first physical drive of a unit). This includes retrieval
of logs, implemented by a custom SCSI_MINIPORT ioctl. Supported by
smartmontools since 5.37.

> If so, this is really frustrating, to say the least.

Yes, really.