many thanks for your feedback!
I'm sorry, but the source code it not so fresh in my mind right now.
At the moment I'm out from the project from at least 4 years...I'm not able
to do nothing....
I'll forward your message to the people that own the project!

Hoping this helps!



On 9 August 2013 17:13, tnnunix tnnunix@users.sf.net wrote:

Status: open
Created: Fri Aug 09, 2013 03:13 PM UTC by tnnunix
Last Updated: Fri Aug 09, 2013 03:13 PM UTC
Owner: Daniele Manzaroli (UNIBO)

Function "getQueryTriple" from class "SSAP_XMLTools" returns vector with 4
elements: subject, predicate, object and object_type.
In documentation I have found the following string: "Each element of the
vector contains another vector formed by four(?) string elements : -the
subject -the predicate -the object -the subject type -the object type (i
have counted 5 elements)". Also, Smart Space returns subject type. I guess
that subject type is missing in output of this function.
The fix is very simple, you should add to the function source the
following string:
singleton.add(etriple.getChild("subject", ns).getAttributeValue("type"));
after line "singleton.add(etriple.getChild("object", ns).getText());"
But i don't sure where is a real mistake: in documentation and SmartSpace
raw output or in the "getQueryTriple" function.

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