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ANNOUNCE: SmartIrc4net 0.3.5 released

Here we go again... SmartIrc4net v0.3.5 now available and ready for public use.
This release fixes some key bugs reported by SmartIrc4net users (thanks to those)! The release also contains some new features like non-RFC support for halfop, syncing the motd, tracking channel sync time. The auto-reconnect and auto-relogin code is now implemented. More details you can find in the changelog.
Although not common, some IRC servers violate the RFC in various ways, this is now handled with several sanity checks. I tested this release against one such IRC server for about 24 hours with channel sync activated in a channel with ~4000 users without error. Some better examples have also been added to this release including a benchmark.
This release is a big step forward at getting us closer to a stable and fully functional irc class.... read more

Posted by Mirco Bauer 2005-01-29

ANNOUNCE: SmartIrc4net 0.3.0 released

Finally the 0.3.0 version of SmartIrc4net is released. This release contains a big API change (for being conform with the .NET library standards), many bugfixes and full feature support of all RFC commands, see changelog for more details:



Posted by Mirco Bauer 2004-11-07

SmartIrc4net homepage created

Since the standard sourceforge project page does not provide all things I need, I created a separated SmartIrc4net homepage, take a look:
that page will get more updates and news too

Posted by Mirco Bauer 2004-09-28

SmartIrc4net 0.2.0 beta version released

Here it comes, the first official public release of SmartIrc4net. Go get it now, as long its hot! Questions/problems please post on the SmartIrc4net forum.

Download page:


Happy IRC hacking! Thanks.

Posted by Mirco Bauer 2004-09-19

API will freeze soon

The SmartIrc4net API got into a pre-freeze phase, the API will not change anymore after the next few beta releases.
I am preparing a first public beta release of SmartIrc4net, it will not include much documentation, thats my primary goal after the API is frozen. Currently I have no known bugs in SmartIrc4net, so please try it out and report bugs if you find any!

Posted by Mirco Bauer 2004-09-18