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[r8886] by sfpcg
2012-11-06 13:34:02 Tree
[r8885] by sfpcg
2012-11-06 11:31:52 Tree
[r8884] by sfpcg
2012-11-06 11:25:09 Tree
[r8883] by paul_murray

SFOS-1710: sfPort should not be persisted

2012-09-06 13:25:45 Tree
[r8882] by steve_l

indicate that the hadoop jars do not change

2012-03-29 15:41:40 Tree
[r8881] by steve_l

describe public entry points

2012-03-29 15:41:09 Tree
[r8880] by steve_l

SFOS-1696 sliding window debouncing works

2012-03-22 20:45:04 Tree
[r8879] by steve_l

remove mention of cruisecontrol from project description

2012-03-22 17:30:35 Tree
[r8878] by steve_l

SFOS-1709 groovy 1.8.6

2012-03-22 17:24:39 Tree
[r8877] by steve_l

university talk

2012-03-20 14:12:38 Tree
[r8876] by steve_l

SFOS-1696 tests to output .txt files

2012-03-20 13:49:02 Tree
[r8875] by steve_l

SFOS-1696 emitting events as CSV files, sorting devices by time

2012-03-14 17:59:32 Tree
[r8874] by johki

SFOS-1706 release notes

2012-03-13 15:45:23 Tree
[r8873] by johki

SFOS-1706 release notes

2012-03-13 15:29:09 Tree
[r8872] by johki

SFOS-1706 new release template

2012-03-13 15:19:24 Tree
[r8871] by johki

release release3.18.016 (3.18.016) from revision 8870 on 2012-03-13 15:12 by kirschni

2012-03-13 15:12:45 Tree
[r8870] by johki

SFOS-1706 increased version number

2012-03-13 14:47:40 Tree
[r8869] by steve_l

SFOS-1705 change SFTP path for new sourceforge process

2012-03-13 11:30:59 Tree
[r8868] by steve_l

SFOS-1704 all hashtable hashmap constructors to use the capacity and load factor settings from OrderedHashtable

2012-03-12 17:34:12 Tree
[r8867] by steve_l

SFOS-1703 Change load parameters on sf context hash tables to reduce overhead in large deployments

2012-03-12 17:32:41 Tree
[r8866] by steve_l

SFOS-1640 test DFS operations against the MiniDFS cluster

2012-03-08 17:42:06 Tree
[r8865] by steve_l


Propagate agent and other SF_OPTS values down.

2012-03-08 12:38:13 Tree
[r8864] by steve_l

SFOS-1696 Copy and extend Bluemine -example of Grumpy

2012-03-07 18:06:37 Tree
[r8863] by steve_l

SFOS-1698 mark build/ dist/ and *.iml as files to ignore

2012-03-07 12:19:02 Tree
[r8862] by steve_l


2012-03-07 11:56:13 Tree
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