SmartFrog 3.12.036 released!

SmartFrog 3.12.036

This is a new release of SmartFrog, the Java-based, LPGL-licensed
distributed deployment framework developed by HP Laboratories. SmartFrog
enables applications to be deployed across multiple machines,
configuring different aspects of the system so that they are all
consistently configured, and managing the life-cycle of the application
as a whole. The project's home page is

The release artifacts are available at

This release is 3.12.036; built from revision 6457
of the SVN repository. This release has an extended language
with the ability to tag attributes, and includes the following items:

* Core smartfrog daemon, including services to manage files, start and stop
Java and native programs.
* Example components and applications.
* Ant support: ant tasks to deploy and terminate applications from a build.
* Ant components: the ability to execute ant tasks in a deployment.
* Anubis: a partition aware tuple-space that can be used to implement fault
tolerant systems.
* Database: components to issue database commands, and deploy HSLDB and MySQL.
* JMX: the ability to configure and manage JMX components, and to manage
SmartFrog components over JMX.
* Logging: integration with Apache commons-logging and Log4J
* Networking: email, FTP, SSH, DNS support.
* Quartz: scheduled operations using Quartz libraries.
* Scripting: support for BSF-hosted scripting languages
* Testing: Distributed JUnit and component testing with SFUnit.
* WWW: deployment of WAR and EAR files to application servers. deploy-by-copy
is provided for all application servers that support it, and sample templates
are provided to start and stop Tomcat and JBoss. The Jetty component can
configure and deploy individual servlets, eliminating much of the need for WAR
files and application servers.
* XML: XML support with XOM.
* XMPP: Presence and messaging over Jabber.

Posted by Julio Guijarro 2008-05-02

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