SmartFrog.3.02.000_alpha released!

SmartFrog ( is a distributed runtime that you install on your systems, which can then deploy, configure and undeploy pieces of a large service.

Main Changes since 3.01.003_alpha
- New Language operators:
Some operators are unary prefix (!)
Some are binary (- / >= <= > < == !=)
Some are nary (+ * && || ++ <>) (<> is vector append, ++ is string concatenation)

- New: It is now possible to use if-then-else for defining an attribute value
x IF (! (foo > 5)) THEN 42 ELSE (foo + 12) FI;

- New: It is now possible to use non-lazy references in the definition of a vector, such as

- New: THIS and NULL keywords.

Deployment engine:
- Fix: subprocess creation/use race condition

- New: command line options changed completely

- New: new entry points to framework. Smarfrog can now easyliy be embedded: CDDLM components and SmartFrog ANT tasks.

Posted by Julio Guijarro 2004-04-07

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