I am new user of SmartFrog. So far I managed to install version 3.18.010_all and run some examples. What I really need SmartFrog for is to control JBoss 5.1 deployments. The things I am looking for is to:

- Start and stop JBoss servers on various hosts
- Deploy and undeploy .ear, .jar, .war files
So far I found this link: http://www.mail-archive.com/smartfrog-users@lists.sourceforge.net/msg00077.html It didn't work for me because distribution of SF that I have got from SourceForge doesn't come with "www" libraries. The following that the script requires are missing from SF distribution:

#include "/org/smartfrog/services/www/dbc/components.sf"
#include "/org/smartfrog/services/www/webapplication.sf"
 #include "/org/smartfrog/services/www/livenessPage.sf"
Is there any examples of how to get SF configured for JBoss 5.1? If 'www' libraries are needed, where do I get these from?

The next question is about SmartFrog and integration with Maven and Hundson. Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated.

I guess the best development tool for SF scripts would be Eclipse. Are there any libraries that I can use to integrate with Eclipse IDE?

Kind Regards


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