From: Nameer

Sent: 17 February 2006 06:34
Subject: SmartFrog Questions


Hi all


We are currently in the development stage of an automated system for system configuration management and deployment.


We have chosen SmartFrog as our framework for system configuration and deployment of our software at different hosts. As we started the design and the development stage we are facing with some technical issues and I very much appreciate your feedback. It will be great if you could point me to the documentation.


  1. We are planning to deploy our software (SmartFrog component) from a centralized location to different hosts using SmartFrog methods like SfDeploy. One of the business requirements is the ability to return some values from the SmartFrog method. For example, from the centralized location will I be able to call a SmartFrog method to retrieve the last version of the software associated with component X deployed at host Y? So is the return value from SmartFrog methods is always true or false? Or will SmartFrog methods support returning some data?


  1. As described in the SmartFrog manual each component has it is own life cycle. Is the life cycle for each component non changeable? How can we customize the life cycle of the component?


  1. Currently I see that there are some standard methods provided with SmartFrog frame work like SFDeploy, SFStart etc. Will I be able to create my own method lets say SFTarFiles to tar all the files installed at host X for example? What is the process here?


Many thanks for your advice.