Hi Gary,


I don’t have/use vmware server but I use vmware workstation and this is what I do to make sure that the vms can locate each other:


1. Configure VMWare

- Set up VMWare networking to use *only* the NAT/DHCP service (VMNet8)

  disable the other network services


2. Configure windows/linux networking  (in host and vms)


- Set ip/name in every vm os according to the table bellow.


- Add the following to the Windows HOSTS file


- Add the following to the linux HOSTS file




Example:  sfdemohost  sfdemo00  sfdemo01  sfdemo02  sfdemo03  sfdemo04  sfdemo05  sfdemo06



Once you have finished test with nslookup to see is all the machines can reach the others.


Then everything should work.


Please, let me know if this works for you on VMWServer or if you need more detailed instructions.




Julio Guijarro



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Hey guys,

I am using VMWare Server, and I am not allowed to use bridged networking mode (for virtual machines) in my network. How can I set up VMWare Server so that I can deploy component descriptions to a sfDaemon running on a virtual machine, from a physical machine?

I have tried using NAT but when I try deployment it either fails, or deploys to my physical machine (if its running sfDaemon).

Kind Regards,