At the moment there is no direct way in the shell scripts to select the port number with sfStart or sfPing. But there are some solutions:


1. set an environment variable with this attribute/value  “export org.smartfrog.sfcore.processcompound.sfRootLocatorPort=3800”  Where you will need to modify 3800 with your port of choice.


2. Modify default.ini with a different port.


3. Modify the scripts to do 1 using a special switch (ex –port)


In any case, because we found that this could be useful we will provide a permanent solution for this soon. To follow the progress of this check:









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Hey all,

How can I specifiy sfStart/sfPing to look for a daemon on a different port to 3800? The normal notation ( ie ) throws out a ParserException. Also, how can I get sfDaemon to run on a different port?

My intention is to have ports forwarded to certain ip addresses for different virtual machines. In reality the daemons should all be running on 3800 on different virtual machines.

Kindest Regards