I found this message in the archives:
Has there been any update on it?  What about a workaround?

I have a script that is behaving correctly if I call sfrun on the command line.  But when I attempt to automate this into my build through ant, it is exiting after the first component completes (the "drop" below).
Also, there seems to be a bug where sf-run cannot handle a space in the path to the .sf file.  I need to move my .sf file to a temp directory that does not have spaces in order to get it to run through ant.
My deployment script contains:
#include "org/smartfrog/sfcore/workflow/components.sf"
DB_Stuff extends Sequence {

  drop extends genericSQLCommand {

  attach extends genericSQLCommand {
sfConfig extends Compound {
    myDBStuff extends DB_Stuff;
And I am calling sf-run with:
<property name="smartfrog.dir" value="${SMARTFROG_HOME}"/>
 <property name="smartfrog-tasks-jar" value="${smartfrog.dir}/lib/sf-tasks-3.18.010.jar"/>
 <property name="smartfrog-jar" value="${smartfrog.dir}/lib/smartfrog-3.18.010.jar"/>
 <property name="security.manager" value="none"/>
 <taskdef resource="org/smartfrog/tools/ant/tasks.properties">
     <pathelement location="${smartfrog-tasks-jar}"/>
     <pathelement location="${smartfrog-jar}"/>
<target name="Deploy">
  <jar destfile="${env.WORKSPACE}\SmartFrogProject/optum-sf.jar"
  <copy file="attach.sf" tofile="C:\temp\attach.sf"/>
  <path id="smartfrog.classpath">
          <fileset dir="${SMARTFROG_HOME}/lib">
              <include name="**/*.jar" />
          <fileset dir="${env.WORKSPACE}\SmartFrogProject\">
           <include name="**/*.jar"/>

   <application name="attachdb" file='C:\temp\attach.sf' />

John Lavoie

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