From: Cai Cai []
Sent: 21 September 2009 08:00
To: Guijarro, Julio
Subject: Re: [Smartfrog-users] smartfrog and hadoop


Hi Julio,
 Currently I'm doing some simple experiments about hadoop with some classmates and we are interested in building our own cloudplatform(and if our idea is workable, we may get more support from our institute). But we just have some person computers with ordinary configurations. We have installed Xen(Xen 3.2-1-amd64) on our computers, with debian lenny OS, to set up simple clusters. And we also install hadoop on them. Now we are thinking about how to do it with Smartfrog (since we think Smartfrog is suitable for automatic deployment and may be helpful for our platform in the future, such as application deployment and ect.)
 Now I have download the "smartfrog.3.17.014_dist.tar.gz" and "smartfrog-rpm-bundle-3.17.014.tar.gz", with the formal one, i have test the examples in Smartfrog User Manual(sfRun org/smartfrog/examples/arithnet/example1.sf and etc.), but there is nothing related to hadoop,i find the followings in your website
  Steps to deployability
  1 Configure Hadoop from an SmartFrog description
  2 Write components for the Hadoop nodes
  3 Write the functional tests
  4 Add workflow components to work with the filesystem; submit jobs
  5 Get the tests to pass
should i add the hadoop jar file in "smartfrog-rpm-bundle-3.17.014.tar.gz" into "smartfrog.3.17.014_dist"'s  dist/lib filefolder or could you please tell me what i should do next?

 I hope the text above can supply plenty of information you want, and if not, please email me.
 Thank you very much and we're looking forward to you help.
 Best wishes,


Hi Cai,


Could you give us more details about what type of Hadoop cluster you are trying to deploy? Is it a simple Hadoop cluster or do you have some specific requirements? We are working on how to fully deploy Hadoop but the code is still changing because at the same time we are modifying Hadoop itself to make it more dynamic and the type of documentation that you are asking for is not there yet. But, if you tell us what you want to do we will guide you there.


Have a good weekend!


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Julio Guijarro


From: Cai Cai []
Sent: 16 September 2009 03:35
Subject: [Smartfrog-users] smartfrog and hadoop


 I'm learning how to use smartfrog to automaticly deploy hadoop clusters, but I'm a newcomer about it,  has  someone had done this before or where to find a step-by-step instruction?
 best wishes,