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Could you give us more details about what type of Hadoop cluster you are trying to deploy? Is it a simple Hadoop cluster or do you have some specific requirements? We are working on how to fully deploy Hadoop but the code is still changing because at the same time we are modifying Hadoop itself to make it more dynamic and the type of documentation that you are asking for is not there yet. But, if you tell us what you want to do we will guide you there.


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From: Cai Cai [mailto:citj0000@gmail.com]
Sent: 16 September 2009 03:35
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Subject: [Smartfrog-users] smartfrog and hadoop


 I'm learning how to use smartfrog to automaticly deploy hadoop clusters, but I'm a newcomer about it,  has  someone had done this before or where to find a step-by-step instruction?
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