Found a solution: set the port number to something large, e.g. 38000 instead of the default 3800. It seems that the firewall blocks ports with low values for some reason (the exact value doesn’t matter), but large values are OK.



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Subject: Re: [Smartfrog-users] "Port already in use" exception when starting SmartFrog


Further development Re: “ Address already in use” exception when trying to launch SmartFrog on some Windows Server and Windows 7 machines.  The culprit turned out to be the firewall. The daemon can only run when firewall is disabled. We have Microsoft ISA Server firewall on our corporate network.


Is there some workaround for this?


Quote from our sysadmin: apparently [SmartFrog] wasn’t designed with corporate environment in mind…


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Subject: "Port already in use" exception when starting SmartFrog




We are having a problem starting SmartFrog under some accounts. Here is the output that we get when running  sfDaemon from Windows command line:





SmartFrog 3.18.002 (2010-09-20 04:13:24 EDT)

(C) Copyright 1998-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP


2010/11/18 12:13:14:859 EET [WARN ][main] SFCORE_LOG - SmartFrog security is NOT


2010/11/18 12:13:14:866 EET [DEBUG][main] SFCORE_LOG - Security Manager is java.


2010/11/18 12:13:14:868 EET [DEBUG][main] SFCORE_LOG - Using java security polic

y: =D:\tmp\Externals\Java\smartfrog\private\

2010/11/18 12:13:14:878 EET [WARN ][main] SFCORE_LOG - Possible problem with cla


  3 occurrences for smartfrog-





2010/11/18 12:13:14:895 EET [DEBUG][main] SFCORE_LOG - Network test localhost: h

ostname '', ip '',  [Successful],


2010/11/18 12:13:14:902 EET [DEBUG][main] SFCORE_LOG - Command Line args: []

SmartFrogDeploymentException: unnamed component. SmartFrogRuntimeException:: Sma

rtFrog daemon could not start because another instance is running, cause: java.r

mi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 3800; nested exception is: Address already in use: JVM_Bind, SmartFrog 3.18

.002 (2010-09-20 04:13:24 EDT), cause: SmartFrogRuntimeException:: SmartFrog dae

mon could not start because another instance is running,    cause: java.rmi.serv

er.ExportException: Port already in use: 3800; nested exception is: Address already in use: JVM_Bind,    SmartFrog 3

.18.002 (2010-09-20 04:13:24 EDT)

2010/11/18 12:13:16:263 EET [DEBUG][main] SFCORE_LOG - SmartFrog System.Exit cod

e: 1, v3.18.002





We get the same exception when launching SmartFrog using the test harness. We have checked the port and found that it is not in use at any point and that no SmartFrog daemon instances are running in the background. The most remarkable thing is that in multi-user environments the problem occurs only with certain accounts. When SmartFrog is launched on the same machine from the same location by a different user, we don’t see this exception. What is also puzzling is that the problem emerged suddenly and for no apparent reason: we are not aware of any changes to the system that could have occasioned this error.


This happens with SmartFrog v. 3.18.002 running on at least three different machines under Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with Java SE v. 1.6 runtime environment. The problem account has administrative privileges.


Any help would be appreciated.