Hi Ritu and Steve,
    I am using 3.08.004 version of SmartFrog.

    I am using following tars for our depot building. SmartFrog. and  components.1.00.002_beta.20050603_COMMON_DIST.tar.gz tar balls.
Thanks and Regards,

Ritu Sabharwal <ritu@hp.com> wrote:

Hello Ambika,

Since we have modified one of the description file( components.sf) which
you will include in your application we need to build the code.

Which release you are using?

Thanks & Regards,

Steve Loughran wrote:
> Ambika Awanty wrote:
>> Hi Ritu,
>> We are not building smartfrog in HPUX platform. We are taking
>> the libraries from what ever you have build and available in web, i
>> mean we are using SmartFrog*dist*.tar.gz. there is no other option
>> that building the SamrtFrog?
> Which version of tar are you using? Is it the gnu tar or is it the
> SYSV tar that ships with HPUX, AIX and Solaris. That one can't handle
> long file names:
> http://ant.apache.org/faq.html#no-gnu-tar
> Try using the zip file instead.
> -steve

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