When i tryed to send messages from on smartfrog daemon to other using mcast utility, i got error
 cause: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: forName: Cannot find org.smartfrog.services.comm.mcast.sfMCastServerImpl.
   I have included following line in .sf file
#include "org/smartfrog/services/comm/mcast/components.sf"
 in which there is statement,
  sfClass "org.smartfrog.services.comm.mcast.sfMCastClientImpl";
But in souce we have   sfClass "org.smartfrog.services.comm.mcast.SFMCastClientImpl class not sfMCastCleintImpl.
             Is it a problem in component.sf present in   sfClass "org.smartfrog.services.comm.mcast directory ?

Thanks and Regards,

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