The SmartFrog framework is released under LGPL license.
Running the core system requires a platform with Java 1.4.2
(or above) installed. Ant 1.6.1 is required to (re)compile
the SmartFrog sources.
The system has mainly been tested on
Win32 and Linux.
The SmartFrog software package can be downloaded in
gzipped tar or zip formats and in two different packages:
 - SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha.20040407_DIST: binaries and
 - SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha. 20040407_ALL: sources, binaries
   and documentation.
Main Changes since 3.01.003_alpha
  - New Language operators:
      Some operators are unary prefix (!)
      Some are binary (- / >= <= > < == !=)
      Some are nary (+ * && || ++ <>)   (<> is vector append, ++ is string concatenation)
  - New: It is now possible to use if-then-else for defining an attribute value
      x IF (! (foo > 5)) THEN 42 ELSE (foo + 12) FI;
  - New: It is now possible to use non-lazy references in the definition of a vector, such as
  - New: THIS and NULL keywords.
Deployment engine:
  - Fix: subprocess creation/use race condition
  - New: command line options changed completely
  - New: new entry points to framework. Smarfrog can now easyliy be embedded: CDDLM components and SmartFrog ANT tasks.
Please, see changes.txt for a complete description of changes.
Installing and Getting Started
The system is unpacked from the download package and
installed as follows:
- Choose a suitable directory in which to unpack the system.
  (Don't use directory names including spaces, as these can
  interfere with correct functioning of the system
- Copy the downloaded package into this directory, and
  unpack the system as follows:
   - On Unix, execute:
    "tar xvfz SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha.20040407_DIST.tar.gz"
   - On Windows, use Winzip or similar (retaining the folder
     names) to extract the files into the directory you
     created in (1), or use the Java "jar" utility:
     "jar xvf SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha. 20040407_DIST.zip"
  This will create a top-level directory
  named "SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha"
- Review the documents
  " SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha /readme.txt" and
  " SmartFrog.3.02.000.alpha /dist/docs/sfUserManual.pdf" for
   an introduction to the system, remaining installation
   instructions and guidelines for running examples.