Hi Christian,
ssh build fails because it it has dependency over SmartFrog jar file at compile time.  So you have to place components in appropriate place in SmartFrog tree.
You may try couple of things:
1.1 copy core/components under core of SF release
1.2. copy core/extras under core of SF release
1.3. Build core/extras/ant and core/components/ssh
B. You may get and build the whole SmartFrog. I presume that you can assess SmartFrog CVS. Use  command "cvs co core" to get the whole SF tree[ Core, components and other dependencies].
Please follow steps in sequence.
1. go to core/smartfrog and run ant - This creates SF framework specific jar files
2. go to core/extras/ant and run ant - Creates optional ant classes
3. go to components/ssh and run ant - It will create ssh specific jar files.
4. Copy jar files from components/ssh/build/dist/lib  to core/smartfrog/dist/lib
5. Set SFHOME as <install dir>/core/smartfrog/dist
6. Include SFHOME/bin in system path
7. Run sfDaemon script to start SF daemon
8. deploy the ssh example
Hope it helps.
PS:You may reach me at following number in case you want to discuss anything over telephone.
+91-80-22051890 (Off)
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As you had stated before, the first problem is that I cannot build any of the components under "core" successfully. I've installed the core directory under SFHOME, but I can't get any of those components to build. For example, here's the ant output when trying to build the ssh component:
Buildfile: build.xml
/opt/SmartFrog.3.02.002.beta/dist/core/common.xml:249: /opt/SmartFrog.3.02.002.beta/dist/core/smartfrog/dist/lib not found.
It's looking for the SFHOME directory to be under core, just as it is in CVS. But since I've already installed SF, I thought I'd add it under SFHOME.
My understanding is that I probably need to change the directory definitions in common.xml to do a successful build, but I'm not sure if this is correct, or even what to change it to.
Thanks again,

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Hi Christian,
I presume that you are able to build core/components/<component -name> successfully.
There are two solutions you may try.
1. Copy jar files under core\components\<component-name>/build/dist/lib to SFHOME/lib [ typically <sf installation dir>/core\smartfrog\dist\lib] and restart the SmartFrog daemon. This would include components jar files in daemon class path.
2. Share components jar files trough a web server and use class loader feature of SmartFrog. Please refer section 7 of user manual for details.
Initially, I would recommend solution 1. You may try solution 2 later.
Hope it helps.
Please feel free to ask questions.
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Hello again Ashish,
Excuse my questions, which might seem obvious, but I'm just getting started with SmartFrog. I've been trying to run the examples under /core/components with no luck. I've set the SF environment as stated in the SF User Manual, and the examples included with SF run OK. The problem is that for the components under /core/components, apparenty it can't find the SF files and the java files in each components directory. I tried initially to force it to run by adding the absolute path for the component includes in each required .sf file, but then it couldn't find the java files, and at that time I knew perhaps some tye of environment variable was missing. Please let me know what could be going on.
Thanks again for your help,