To install the SmartFrog Eclipse Plug-In, please do the following:
  1. Download the SmartFrog_EplugIn_dist_1.0.0.Beta file from sourgeforge  which contains both the org.smartfrog.tools_1.0.0.Beta file (the functionality plug-in) and the org.smartfrog.tools.doc_1.0.0.Beta file (the online help plug-in).
  2. Unzip the files in the %EclipseHome%\eclipse\plugins directory.
  3. Set the smartfrog path in windows>preferences>smartfrog page in eclipse.
 Note : The system requirements for the SmartFrog Eclipse Plug-In are the following:
  1. SmartFrog already installed on your system, 
  2. Java 1.4
  3. Eclipse 3.0
  4. The %SFHOME% environment variable must be set to SmartFrog_Install_Dir\dist.
Please let me know if you need any other help in this regard.
Thanks and Regards,
Kumaravel Ganesan
HP STSD, Bangalore.
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i wanna use eclipse plugin with smartfrog.
i downloaded the eclipse plugin&i got something like smart_frog_plugin.jar.
Then how to actually get it working...i don't find any kind of docs for it
Is there any steps to use it?

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