Windows Mobile + Ubuntu: issues

  • InnerBushman

    InnerBushman - 2011-05-19

    Just installed. After running PC side i've got an error saying:
    Could not find smartcam device file.
    Also there is "Cannot identify '/dev/video0': 2, No such file or directory" in terminal window.

    How do i install the module?

    After connecting i could see the video preview in SmartCam PC side but after disconnecting and  reconnecting i get:
    Error: Improper call to JPEG library in state 202
    How do i fix it?

    Another problem is i have only one resolution mode available in the settings bu the image is displayed in portrait orientation on the mobile while in landscape orientation on the PC and stretches the image. How do i fix it so it won't stretch? (i don't mind portrait orientation)

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the great work for all who had wrote this apps,

  • InnerBushman

    InnerBushman - 2011-05-19

    I've tried different approach: I've compiled the source.
    That required to satisfy sh*tload of dependencies and applying a patch from
    That allowed me to compile and install both, the app and the driver BUT…
    Yes, there's always some "but…". It works with Cheese but not with Skype.

    I run Ubuntu 10.04 with 2.6.32-31-generic kernel, Skype Beta for linux.
    If any of you have managed to run it in skype on U10.04 let me know.

    Again, great app, thanks!
    Bushman ;]


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