Skype issue on Linux

  • Alexander

    Alexander - 2008-10-01

    Thanks for a great software. I have got a problem with skype on ubuntu linux with the last version of smartcam. Skype does not detect my camera.
    After I compile the module with SMARTCAM_DEBUG skype produce the following

    ioctl32(skype:2549): Unknown cmd fd(10) cmd(80685600){t:'V';sz:104} arg(f6d76064) on /dev/video0
    ioctl32(skype:2549): Unknown cmd fd(34) cmd(803c7601){t:'v';sz:60} arg(f6d760cc) on /dev/video0

    Do you know what does that mean?

    Or It would be nice if you give me some more details on using smartcam with linux.

    Thank you!

    • Alexander

      Alexander - 2008-10-09

      Seems the problem was in x64 architecture of my PC.

      I've added compat_ioctl to smartcam_fops:

      static const struct file_operations smartcam_fops = {
          .owner        = THIS_MODULE,
          .open           = smartcam_open,
          .release        = smartcam_release,
          .read           = smartcam_read,
          .write          = smartcam_write,
          .poll        = smartcam_poll,
          .ioctl          = video_ioctl2, /* V4L2 ioctl handler */
          .mmap        = smartcam_mmap,
          .compat_ioctl   = v4l_compat_ioctl32, /* this should help on x64 system */
          .llseek         = no_llseek,

      and it works now.

      Thats it....

      • foxy123

        foxy123 - 2008-10-11

        Do you mean that you can use your phone as a web camera with Skype? It says in the Readme that "Unfortunately it doesn't work with skype, nor with gstfakevideo for skype."

    • Alexander

      Alexander - 2008-10-21

      Yes, last version for linux can be used with Skype...since  YUV support is implemented.
      I think, that on a 32bit Linux it should work from scratch. In case of a x64 system
      you should only add one line of code to the source file smartcam.c (see above).

      Acutally, the following Makefile should help in compiling and installing smartcam driver
      (it was stolen from avld loopback driver).

      ./sudo make install

      MODULE_NAME = smartcam
      $(MODULE_NAME)-objs =

      PWD     := $(shell pwd)

      # First pass, kernel Makefile reads module objects
      ifneq ($(KERNELRELEASE),)
      obj-m   := $(MODULE_NAME).o

      EXTRA_CFLAGS += -I$(PWD)/../include


      # Second pass, the actual build.
      KDIR    := /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build

              $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) M=$(PWD) modules

              rm -f *~
              rm -f Module.symvers
              $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) M=$(PWD) clean

              $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) M=$(PWD) modules_install
              depmod -ae



  • InnerBushman

    InnerBushman - 2011-05-19

    What if i have a 32-bit architecture and no video in skype? (only in skype cause for example cheese works fine)


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