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Redhuan D. Oon pedro rozo

SmartPOS 3.1 What´s new.

We are glad to announce the availability of our new SmartPOS 3.1 release (an Advanced OSGI Plugín for Idempiere ERP)

First 100% decoupled release (SQL + packouts + configuration guide)
so existent idempiere 2.1 user can install it on their current ERP. (Still under heavy testing)
Note: Please understand the massive amount of changes on top of the Idempiere
Active dictionary

Improve performance for the bulk loading process (medicines).
Support to ERP promotions (4 x 3, items free and so on)
Add note field (edit POS items) and send to the bar
Add to the build load, a new field to specify minimum number of stock (for replenishment)
Additional spreadsheet field for the bulk loading process to support active/inactive products .
New window to see tickets in progress (read only) before the first screen (query tickets)
Enabled tab inside pharmacy business partner to see discount per customer ...
Visualization of product images (small - right side of product) and big , when clicking the small one
Support customer discount (SMartPOS transactions) (depot use case)
New Credit remaining field (right side of customer info)
New options to speed up remote invoice POS printing (without print preview)
Report with m_storage for quantity < less than x .... (easy access)
New transparent integration with SmartLoyalty (Loyalty points system for POS)

See: source code at: https://bitbucket.org/PedroRozo_SmartJSP/smartpos3-erp/

SmartPOS 3.0 What´s new.

SmartPOS 3.0 is a complete new OSGi plug-in that works inside SmartERP (Idempiere 2.0 Distro), taking all the power of an ERP, but creating an intuitive , agile and easy to learn Point of Sale (POS) 100% Web .

SmartPOS has been designed to work as part of the ERP, and support complex business environments, where you can manage different products per organization, different organizations per client, price list, and
much more.

Standard features

Agile sales experience, quick search for products, customers, payments and pdf printing.
Support to touch screen devices (tablets or big smart phones) for ordering
Payments: Support to split payments, Payment forms with bank accountsEasy customization of print formats for your tickets, invoices, close cash, Transparent integration with the ERP, creating all the formal documents for you such as: sale orders, shipping, invoice, RMA, and so on any time
that you perform sales, returns, cash in-out, etc, that gives you all the stock control, accounting integration and so on that you used to have with the ERP, but using an agile a simpler User Interface with a high level of productivity.
Multil-lingual support (testes on English, French & Spanish) &
Multi-money support
Flexible tax management
Close Cash (partial & complete)

Advanced features

Server side printer notification (each product can belong to specific printers) to different locations (warehouse, rooms and so on)
Bulk load for products
Insurance/Club membership with Plans, discounts (% or $)
Simplified returns
Cash in-out control

On top of that we have created a flexible configuration structure, so the user can define how the POS can change the behaviour (prices, filter products, customers) and much more The current document include most of the setup & configuration steps to prepare a SmartPOS environment, and also some the most common use cases for the SmartPOS functionality, additional resources for the ERP functionality can be found at idempiere.org

New Product, New Architecture.

SmartPOS 3.0 is the first version of our open source Point of Sale solution 100% web, build on top of Idempiere 2.0 framework, it is a powerful point of sale with an full ERP in the backend.

From the technical standpoint, we have created SmartPOS 3.0 as an OSG plugin of Idempiere ERP, (source code available on bitbucket) optimized for pharmacies on this release.

Please have in mind our first priority on this release is to offer the basic workflows of the previous SmartPOS 2.1 for pharmacies, but 100% web with transparent integration to the ERP (inventory, accounting, documents, returns and so on) with good level of quality, and creating a solid foundation with the ERP engine. We have added some extra features for usability (middle size touch screen devices are supported for common workflows) , so we can extend it use it for new markets such as: supermarkets, restaurants and so on soon.

Why did we rewrite the traditional Client-MQ-ERP solution as a 100% Web solution ?

  1. Middle size/large customers and end users want to have a flexible scalable POS solution, where they can minimize maintenance (remove local support, MQ complexity), operate from remote locations without local installations, and they want to take advantage of the powerful ERP features for stock, pricing and accounting management at the same time.

  2. Also small/middle size users want to have “local” ERP+ POS … installed in all-in-one (NUC - Mini) hardware appliances:, powerful enough to deliver ERP, POS, database and networks services to their business location, and we can do it with SmartPOS now .. we can put ERP, POS, postgres adn so on inside a mini-servers (NUC), and deliver them to small or remote businesses to deliver powerful functionality and perhaps to replicate remote data if required.

Files: https://sourceforge.net/projects/smart-pos/files/3.0/

Source code location: https://bitbucket.org/PedroRozo_SmartJSP/smartpos3-erp/src

What about the Client-MQ-ERP version of SmartPOS( 2.1) ? We have not detected much interest to support that release, so we still can offer professional services for this solution, for user that demand client POS with asynchronous synchronization scenarios to their ERP, but our focus in product development and roadmap will be 100% web. (3.0 and future versions).

Soon.. Windows installers, Roadmap for 2015, more functional enhancements

Stay tuned at: twitter: @smartjspnews

SmartPOS 3.0 release was tested on CentOS Linux 32 bits with JDK 6,
please give us your feedback.


  • Abhilash Kumar Thota

    Hi Pedro,

    I have installed the demo version of smartpos 1.3.1 and it works great. I am interested in setting up the development environment. It would be great if you can provide the source code of the smartpos 1.3.1.


    Last edit: Abhilash Kumar Thota 2013-06-21
  • pedro rozo

    pedro rozo - 2013-06-24

    Those interested, please send to us your butbucket id to allow you access, here the location of the bitbucket repositories.



    Pedro Rozo

    • lingani tshuma

      lingani tshuma - 2013-08-21

      Hi Pedro

      Thanks for the great work.I am interested in this project.

      My Bitbucket id is: tshumal

      Please add me. Thank you

  • Feghouli Med sofiane

    Hi Pedro
    Thanks for the great work.I am interested in this project.
    My Bitbucket id is: fms1976
    Please add me. Thank you

  • Shereef

    Shereef - 2015-01-22

    Dear Pedro rozo

    Many Thanks for sharing such a great product.

    I have downloaded smarterp-pos3-14122014-14-45.tgz .But while installing in my ubuntu 64 bit i got error. It seems this version is linux 32 bit.

    Please provide the Linux 64 bit build.

    Shereef N


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