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New release version Smart-M3_0.9.1-beta

  • Hannu Laine

    Hannu Laine - 2009-10-19

    Hi all,

    New release version 0.9.1-beta has been uploaded to the Files section. Lot of memory leaks have been fixed as well as an issue causing segfault when using GLib based API from from different thread than the default context.

    If you find any problems with the release, please send me a message.



  • Hannu Laine

    Hannu Laine - 2009-10-20

    Hi all,

    fixed minor typos in yesterday's (19/10/2009) release.
    * sibd-0.2 didn't compile with -with-debug configure option
    * missing includes in piglet_m3

    No functional changes or changes  in version numbering.

    Please download the latest package (timestamp Tue Oct 20 2009 12:41).



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