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Version 0.20 released

This version include the follow bug fixes:

- Add the keyword LIMIT as alias for the TOP syntax of a SELECT
- Improve the handling from IDENTITY values (bug 1954682).
- Fix a bug with different writing of the same database.
- Fix a thread bug with concurrent reading of the same table.
- Fix an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with large values >32K (bug 2264600).
- CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW are now in a transaction.
This make a rollback possible. (bug 2256579).

Posted by Small SQL 2008-12-14

Version 0.19 released

This version include the follow bug fixes:

- Add support for multi language error messages. Support for English,
Italian and German was added.
- Improve the performance of a simple JOIN.
- Double columns in an INSERT throw an SQLException now (bug 1735908).
- Date range check improved (bug 1738435).
- Check for ambiguous columns added.
- SmallSQL verify now that a database is only open once.
- Added SQL comments symbols, both single (" -- comment ") and multi-line
(" /* comment */ ").
- A NullPointerException with a comma at end of the SQL (bug 1745881).
- Check the close state of a Statement in many methods (bug 1753529).
- The keyword INNER in the JOIN syntax is optional now (feature 1753519).
- Added SQL functions: BIT_LENGTH(string), CHAR_LENGTH(string),

Posted by Small SQL 2007-08-03

Version 0.18 released

This version include the follow bug fixes:

- Fix bugs with the methods isBeforeFirst(), isFirst(), isLast() and isAfterLast().
The problems occur mostly with empty ResultSets and together with ORDER BY or GROUP BY.
- Fix the scrolling of scrollable, updatable ResultSets with inserted rows.
- Signal inserted and rollbacked rows as deleted (method rowDeleted()).
- A NullPointerException with flag create=true was fixed.
- Check the range of the parsed date time parts now.
- Double columns in a table are now prevented. It was possible
with CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE to create doubled columns.
- Unicode characters are possible in JDBC URL parameters now.
- The method getPropertyInfo is implemented now.

Posted by Small SQL 2007-06-10

Version 0.17 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database supports ALTER TABLE.

And it include the follow bug fixes and changes:
- STUFF as alias for the INSERT SQL function added.
- A reading bug of DateTime values with daylight saving was fixed.
- A SQL parser bug with cross joins and aliases was fixed. Now also the second table can have an alias (bug 1624376).
- Support for the method relative, absolute, isBeforeFirst and isFirst for Scrollable ResultSets with ORDER BY was added (bug 1625080).
- Now a "SELECT TOP 0 ..." returns 0 rows instead of all rows (bug 1629244).
- A bug with LIKE and the wildcard % at end of the pattern was fixed (bug 1647564).
- The driver ignores now right blanks if a CHAR value is compared with a VARCHAR value (bug 1654121).

Posted by Small SQL 2007-03-30

Version 0.16 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database include a Command Line interface/tool. You can start it with:
java -jar smallsql.jar
Now you does not need a GUI tool to make some changes on the database.

And it include the follow bug fixes:
- A ConcurrentModificationException was fixed on Connection.close().
- A call of getMoreResults() has not change the results from getUpdateCount() and getResultSet().

Posted by Small SQL 2006-10-21

Version 0.15 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database include the follow changes:
- The HAVING clause has not work.
- A bug with date time functions in GROUP BY clause was fixed.
- Wrong ResultSetMetaData with GROUP BY was fixed.
- The follow SQL functions was added:
- The number of JUnit tests was increased greatly.
There is now a block code coverage of 80% with the EMMA tool.

Posted by Small SQL 2006-06-29

Version 0.14 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database include the follow changes:
- Some bugs for multiple execution of a PreparedStatment was fixed.
- The method getGeneratedKeys() and related method was implemented.
- The batch processing to the Statement class was implemented.
Before is was only implements for PreparedStatement.
- Some methods of the interface Statement was implemented.
- Many methods of the ResultSet interface was implemented or corrected.
For example the methods for the scroll status.
- The wrong ResultSetMetaData of the ResultSets from
the DatabaseMetaData methods was fixed.

Posted by Small SQL 2006-05-20

Version 0.13 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database include the follow changes:
- The precision for varchar and varbinary was saved wrong with 38 before.
- Negativ numeric and decimal values was rounded wrong with the getInt() method.
- The prefix "file:" on the database name will be ignored now. This is valid
for the methods getConnection() and setCatalog() and for the SQL commands
- The URL property "dbpath" and "create" was added.

Posted by Small SQL 2006-04-09

Version 0.12 released

This version of the SmallSQL Database include the follow changes:
- Fix for CONVERT function with timestamp values.
- Fix for Date values toString() with values before 1970.
- Follow SQL function was added:
- Fix for ConcurrentModificationException on Connection.close().
- SQL Syntax enhancement for CREATE TABLE. A index can be add together with the column description.
- Fix for a NPE on INSERT TABLE with tables that have a index.
- Now delete also the lob data file if the table is drop.... read more

Posted by Small SQL 2006-03-05

Version 0.11 released

- Fix for the fatal error "Invalide column size:-1" for the data types
LONGVARCHAR, LONGVARBINARY, VARCHAR larger 127 characters and VARBINARY larger 127 bytes.
- NPE gefixt in DatabaseMetaData.getTables() in not connect mode for JDBC Navigator.
- Free the cached resources of a database if all connection to this database are closed.
- A more helpful exception if a connection is closed instead of a NPE.

Posted by Small SQL 2006-02-11

Version 0.10 available

The version 0.10 of the SmallSQL database is available now. The major changes are:
* The driver class name was changed to smallsql.database.SSDriver
* The data types are incompatible with the bets version 0.02.

Posted by Small SQL 2006-02-04