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SVN Development Branch

The POC1 code for smack is now in the smack SVN repository. Development should be done against currently available repository code. As this is a POC release, it should not be used on a production server. Currently smack is *not* handling dependencies at all. With that said, it can handle, fairly well, installation of packages for which the system meets the requirements. Dependency handling is currently being worked on, but input will not be scoffed at.

Posted by Elden Armbrust 2006-10-29

POC1 release coming soon.

The initial smack POC (proof of concept) release will occur shortly. It is not meant to be used on production systems, or even production testing systems. It is a developer release, and should be regarded as such during testing. A chroot environment should be utilized to avoid any unnecessary filesystem changes.

Posted by Elden Armbrust 2006-10-27