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LLRP has been ratified!

LLRP, the Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) Standard that supersedes the SLRRP proposal, has been ratified as an EPCglobal specification.

See for more info and to download the spec.

Posted by toby cabot 2007-10-12

First SLRRP release - slrrp-02.1

SLRRP is the Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol, an individual submission Internet-Draft to the IETF for a protocol to convey configuration, control, status, and tag information between controllers and readers in an IP-based RFID network. The SLRRP project provides a working implementation of the protocol as it progresses through the IETF process.

This is the inaugural release of the SLRRP project source code. This release includes a C language implementation of the client and server along with test programs that let you exercise the protocol. It also includes protocol documentation.... read more

Posted by toby cabot 2005-06-29