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slrn 0.9.9 released

The last stable version of the slrn Usenet newsreader was released so long ago that I've forgotten how many years ago it was, but the new version was released yesterday.

slrn 0.9.9 has massively improved support for MIME, and a lot of bugfixes. For details, see changes.txt.

If you have questions, either contact a project member or post to the newsgroup.

slrn 1.0 is planned for the near future.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-08-18

slrn released

Slrn (``S-Lang read news'') is a Usenet newsreader that runs in text mode on various Unix- and Unix-like operating systems (including Linux), Windows, OS/2, BeOS, MacOS X and VMS. It supports scoring rules to highlight, sort or kill articles to make reading news more efficient. Furthermore it is highly customizable, allows free key-bindings and can be extended using the S-Lang macro language. Offline reading is possible using either slrnpull (shipped with slrn) or a local newsserver like leafnode or INN. The new version of slrn finally has been released. It has an impressive list of changes, including the long-awaited true offline reading functionality. I also integrated a lot of patches and want to thank everyone who made a contribution.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2003-08-25

slrn is out

This release has lots of minor bugfixes (including some rare segfaults) and improvements, a new sorting implementation (allowing powerful custom sorting), new translations (es, fr, ko) and a few new intrinsic functions.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2002-03-13


Release of the slrn newsreader is now online. The main new feature is gettext support on Unix, but it also has some minor new features, bugfixes and even one security fix.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2001-11-05

slrn released

I just uploaded the new stable release of slrn. It mainly contains minor new features and bugfixes.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2001-08-20

slrn released

The new stable release of the slrn newsreader,, is now available for download.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2001-06-06

slrn released

With the release of slrn, the former ``slrn web resource'' at SourceForge becomes the official home of slrn. slrn is a console mode newsreader that currently works on Unix, Windows, BeOS, OS/2 and VMS. It is easy to use, highly customizable, offers advanced features like scoring and can be extended with macros.

Posted by Thomas Schultz 2001-03-29

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