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IMPORTANT: Developers Read

Ive been sick since yesterday and I went to check on the site and the moron webhost I have has it suspended. Ive already sent him an angry email and I'll be getting all the data files back and I hope to have the site back up by tomorrow; so nothing was lost. Currently I have a spot open on my host service with, one of the best webhosts I've used so Ill be hosting the site there. Check the forums for more info: read more

Posted by lou 2006-06-30

New Developers and Beta OTW

Id like to welcome the new developers and let everybody know that we are releasing a Beta of the new, revised Sloth Online RPG. With this we will also be releasing the Sloth Online Server both in open source and deployment packages. Along with this are guides on how to play and/or setup your own world.

Check out for the latest updates/ideas/release info.


Posted by lou 2006-06-26

Version 0.06 Source Code

It's been awhile, but here's the source for version 0.06. It never got released and was combined with some extra edits to make version 0.07 which will have a source release within the next few days.

Posted by lou 2006-06-20

New Website

With the upcoming release of 0.10 (the first beta version) a new, more official website will be located at will still be the development info center.

Posted by lou 2006-05-27

Version 0.07a Released

Thanks to those who helped with the debugging of the original version 0.07 release I was able to remove 99% of the few bugs that were found including an item duplication bug.

Posted by lou 2006-04-26

Version 0.07 : Debug Me

My original intentions for (what would have been) version 0.06 were to merely implement an Item system. This became impossible to even test without adding in more systems, so it ended up taking longer than I expected thus we have the latest release, Version 0.07.

The good news is that it was worth the wait as I was able to add in a full Item/Inventory System, fully functional drag and drop items, a basic NPC system with about 12 NPC's in the town, a 99% complete menu system, and even a Merchant/Gold system. Even though right now you can't really earn gold, you can purchase some freebies at the merchant to test out the inventory system. Ill also leave items around the map, maybe even set up a random generation script for certain basic items.... read more

Posted by lou 2006-04-20

SlothClient 0.05 JAR Released

This is the latest working client and the only version that will connect with the current running gameserver. This version features client-side storage of resources to greatly reduce bandwidth and heap space issues. Tile properties and the Map are both located on the server so they can be changed without having to download a new client ( I say this because one of the roof tiles is walkable currently allowing you to walk ontop of buildings ;) ). ... read more

Posted by lou 2006-03-17

Source File Update

The client source for versions 0.02 and 0.03 have been released. While 0.03 is an update of 0.02, 0.02 is worth a look if you are interested in Class Serialization in Java. Both sources are zipped and include the Eclipse IDE .project and .classpath files for easy integration.

Posted by lou 2006-03-17

Welcome to Sloth OnlineRPG

I've been working on this project for a few weeks now and It's been coming along great. It is in a very raw alpha/pre-alpha form right now so it will be a few more weeks before I get any files up. Ideally I want to get a working server up and running and debugged somewhat before I release anything. So far Sloth ORPG has a working server and client. The client logs into the server with a default character. The character can walk around and detect what tiles are walkable or not. It also has a more interactive feature that determines the texture of the ground and factors that in. The animation is as smooth as a SNES adventure game in terms of scrolling. My latest additions included mysql database integration using jcdb, and website integration using PHP. The next step will be evolving the game into more of a role playing system with user stats, items, npcs, enemies etc.

Posted by lou 2006-01-18